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If Moore was not quite a burned-out case,
his once refulgent light flickered only dimly in his
sad last years. --Martin Filler, "The Spirit of '76"

Find the 4 leaf clover

Friday, September 02, 2005
Ridiculously hard and stupid flash game:

No, I don't like it

Paul Daniels' Blog!

It's him.

"[This blog] was not meant for disgusting and revolting thickos. If such people want to write, by all means do so, but be aware that I won't be reading the rubbish any more."

Not a lot!

Goths vs. Chavs

Thursday, September 01, 2005
A novel approach to settling gang warfare. Though I think car park fighting with nun chuckas and knives would be more fun, and ultimately for the winners, more rewarding.

""It's like football," said Denise Mee, another street warden. "You pick which team you belong to. But ultimately the chavs and the goths are the same sort of people." Quite.

Round 1, fight!